What greater pleasure in life can one have than to work with exotic animals and teach children about them at the same time? At least that's how the volunteers at Animal Love, Inc. feel. They don't see it as work...they see it as passion. How many people can say they work with alligators, snakes, arachnids, birds, etc.? Not too many, but you can be one of them. And don't worry...if you're uncomfortable with any of the animals, one of the volunteers will gladly handle it for you.

We are looking for anyone that is willing to volunteer their time that loves animals. They must be at least 18 years of age. They must complete classes on the animals that we have and be willing to learn how to handle them. They also have to sign a waiver that exonerates Animal Love, Inc. from all responsiblity.

To obtain more information about volunteering, please contact : Anita & Bruce Peckham at 321-674-2366 / 321-720-5802, or you may contact us by email by clicking the link below.

ANIMAL LOVE, INC. / 321-674-2366 / Cell: 321-720-5802 / Email: info@animalloveinc.org
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