ANITA PECKHAM - Anita was born in Cape May, NJ and as a child raised all sorts of animals from pigeons to snakes. As an adult she moved to Thomaston, Georgia and raised Rottweilers and also volunteered for the Upson County Animal Shelter. In 2000 she met Bruce and in 2001 they married. They moved to Florida and she started volunteering with Brevard Zoo. She took all the classes and started volunteering in the aviary as a Lead and Docent. After a year she changed to the Education Dept.and became an animal handler. Along with handling animals, she also chaperons the night hikes and overnights and gets to educate the participants about various animals at the zoo. She is now a part-time staff member at the zoo. In September of 2006, she joined Hands on Wildlife, an organization that also promotes education of our wildlife. She has been trained to handle reptiles, arachnids, opossums, skunks, the Florida panther. Her love of animals led her to start her own non-profit organization, Animal Love Inc. She hopes to reach out to anyone that will listen and to teach them about our wildlife and how to save them for generations to come.


BRUCE PECKHAM - Bruce was born in Rochester, New York and had a normal childhood. He had dogs, cats and rabbits. As an adult he moved to Georgia and met Anita who was an animal lover. At that time she had dogs, cats and a parrot but that soon changed when they married and moved to Florida. They decided to volunteer with Brevard Zoo and that’s when the animals started arriving at the Peckham household. They now have a miniature zoo at the house which includes snakes, monitor, arachnids, opossums, skunk, bearded dragons and the list goes on. Bruce isn’t too keen on the snakes but he has learned to live with them. He loves the furry animals. With all the animals, they decided to start an educational organization called Animal Love Inc. in which he also volunteers with the furry animals.

ANIMAL LOVE, INC. / 321-674-2366 / Cell: 321-720-5802 / Email: info@animalloveinc.org